Prediction: Masks will soon become the new shoe.

Nike. Jordan. Competing brands of all kind.

They're about to make a major market killing.

Investors are already going nuts over them.

To be cool will soon be over-identified by the mask which you wear.

Closets are filling up with them as we speak.

EBay will soon overflow with the most desirable.

London and New York auction houses are planning events dedicated solely to masks, and

billionaires will fly in from all over the world to outbid each other

for the rarity of it.

Runways will be adorned with thin clad models

donning the latest masquerade fashions from Paris, Brussels, and Hong Kong.

It will become normal for young people to be seen,

not just locked into their phone, but obsessively taking pictures of their facial protection.

Robbers of banks will hit the unemployment line.

They will run out of work.

The good masks will have been taken or outsourced.

It's gonna be a world gone wild.

Zorro and Phantom of the Opera will make huge comebacks at film festivals.

Face lifts will be a thing of the past.

Instead, Hollywood stars, media celebrities, and much of the upper crust

will wear incredibly glamorous facial coverings to obscure their aging features.

Plastic surgeons will join robbers in unemployment lines.

Anyone not wearing a mask will become suspect...outcasts.

Instant distrust and contemptuous assumptions will be made.

Especially upon the poor, the homeless,

who won't be able to afford trendy masking attire.

MA groups will form to confront the pandemic number of addicts

filling up the jail cells and the burgeoning mask dens.

"Hi. My name is Harold. I'm a maskaholic".

A huge black market will blossom,

with shipments of masks smuggled in through tunnels, air drops, speed boats, and semis from Mexico.

No wall will be able to stop this lucrative and disgusting movement.

The FBi and ICE will be called before a camouflaged congress to address this (irritating) competing epidemic of cover ups.

The world will become unrecognizable.

But we'll all just have to face up to it.

There'll be no turning back.

We'll be forced to look ourselves in the proverbial eye, to

try to figure out who it is that we're trying to see in there.

Hidden behind that swanky facial disguise.

And then we'll have to ask ourselves, "I wonder,

if I just adjusted it a little more this way perhaps..."

Mike Gajda

North Adams