A recent column of Dear Abby listed 15 signs of an abusive partner. Not surprisingly, all match the chauvinistic, immature and name-calling, would-be despot who is our president. No doubt you will even see more similarities.

Dear Abby's Classic Signs of an Abusive Partner:

1. Pushes for quick involvement and comes on strong: Make America Great again... now!

2. Jealous of anyone's success but his own: Really, John McCain was no war hero.

3. Controlling: He simply fires you if you disagree.

4. Unrealistic Expectations: We all should laud his "almost genius" thinking.

5. Isolation: America, love it or preferably leave it; if you can get in, that is.

6. Blames others for problems or mistakes: Coronavirus was a "Democratic Hoax."

7. Make others responsible for his feelings: That Democratic New York governor is trouble.

8. Hypersensitivity: Tweets about the injustice of things, up to 200 times a day.

9. Cruelty to animals or children: How many immigrant children were separated from parents?

10. Playful use of force during sex: Simply "grab 'em by the ****."

11. Verbal Abuse: "Half-Whitmer" who deserves it because she, too, is a Democratic governor.

12. Rigid gender roles: He paid about $100,000 per tryst to keep women quiet.

13. Sudden mood swings: Ask Nancy Pelosi about these.

14. Past Battering: How many wives did he divorce?

15. Threats of violence: No doubt he would relish starting just a little war of his own.

Abby advises that "Anyone at risk should contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline." But perhaps Trump stopped funding this as well as the World Health Organization.

S.E. Lewis