The inspiration for reaching out to the three Adrian High School students for their views on the coronavirus pandemic, and how it upended their senior year of high school, came from a Letter to the Editor, which was submitted by Adrian’s Marc Comstock, the father of high school senior Hunter Comstock. Comstock’s Letter to the Editor can be read below.


“Seniors, somehow we’ll get through this”

My senior was born 18 years ago, two days before 9-11. When I went to the hospital to pick him and his mother up, our world was changing right before our eyes. This was his first dealing with a “new normal.” Somehow he got through it!

His second “new normal” occurred two years later when his mother passed away. He was two years old and his sister was nine years old. He never knew his mother and he had a very ill prepared father. Thank goodness his sister grew up very fast and provided the support system in our home. Somehow he got through it!

His third “new normal” came nine years later when his sister headed off to college leaving him to that very ill prepared father. Somehow he got through it!

His fourth “new normal” will be the pandemic of 2020. Nothing anyone can say or do will make up for missing the last three months of his senior year. Somehow he will get through it!

Although, seniors will not remember 9-11, they will vividly remember the pandemic of 2020. They will undoubtedly experience several “new normals” in their lifetime. Seniors will look back on their senior year as a lesson, that taught them more then then last three months of school could ever have. Getting this deep in your education, you’ve already displayed to yourself and others how to navigate on your own. Somehow you’ll get through it!

We are deeply saddened that what you envisioned “the end” would look like; that senior trip, senior skip, senior prom, senior prank and yes, that district basketball championship won’t happen. Somehow you’ll get through it!

Seniors, you are out future! This will all pass and we will return to a “new normal.” Your journey is now just beginning and if I could offer some advice:


1. Chase you passion, not your pension

2. Never compromise integrity and honesty

3. Be of service to others

4. Be positive and less judgmental

5. Live everyday. You never know when things are going to be taken from you


Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

God Bless!


Marc L. Comstock

Father of Hunter Comstock, AHS Senior 2020