It is time for change in America.

I was not in favor of George W. Bush going into Iraq because there was a balance between Iraq, Syria and Iran. George H.W. Bush saw this and stopped at the border after removing Iraq from Kuwait. 

President Barack Obama has pulled out of both Iraq and Afghanistan. When he came into office there were eight countries where ISIS was, now there are 28. He claims to be bombing ISIS.

I see the Syrian government bombing their own people with Russia helping them. I'm not sure if we are helping the rebels. At any rate, this policy is sending refugees across Europe and Obama wants to make believe we are a compassionate people and should give them a home. I say give them a safe place to live in Syria or another safe place in the Middle East. 

It seems the mainstream media finds all kinds of fault with Donald Trump, but gives Hillary Clinton a free pass. With the press and unions, there is a $2 billion war chest to defeat Republicans. Why doesn't the press ever find the unions doing anything wrong?

In May, Clinton said after receiving the backing of the union hierarchy, "If I'm lucky enough to be elected president, organized labor will have a champion in the White House." 

I also hear Obama has stacked the National Labor Relations Board with all pro-union members. I thought when this board was set up it was suppose to represent labor and management. 

Next time I write, I'll write about people who come from California and say how wrong Republicans in West Michigan are. I'm proud to be a Republican from West Michigan, except for Benton Harbor and Muskegon Heights. We don't get the negative news coverage like Detroit or Flint. The governor of Illinois should call out the National Guard to stop all the killings on the south side of Chicago. Gov. Rick Snyder should call to keep the politicians out of Flint.

Garry Nyboer