The lead article in Thursday's (8/18) Sentinel raised some questions in my mind.

I commend all those giving of themselves, their time, efforts, energy and funds on behalf of children's playgrounds. As I kept reading I was galled to find out that Windmill Island Gardens receives more ($1.8 million) than all the other parks together ($1.7 million). One of my questions is: Do those who benefit financially "on" the island contribute to repairs and maintenance like it appears city residents need to if they want things done?

Next question: Where does the $9 admission fee to the island go? To pay employees or to upkeep?

Next question: The remaining $4.2 million in the Parks and Recreation budget I suppose is applied to employee wages, benefits, equipment purchase and maintenance. If not, where else?

Bottom line is it seems to me with all the safety concerns raised by Parks and Recreation Director Andy Kenyon and all the new playgrounds needed, is it the best stewardship of funds to place so many in one basket (Windmill Island), while the rest of the city's parks go lacking?    

Dieter Haupt

Laketown Township