I am writing in support of Judge Kent Engle for re-election to the Family Division of the Ottawa County Circuit Court. 

It was recently announced that Robert Mol, who came in last place in the Ottawa County Circuit Court primary to replace Judge Edward Post, has decided to run a write-in campaign to unseat Family Law Judge Kent Engle in November. In his announcement, Mol made several allegations against Judge Engle based on what he claims to have heard from his supporters. He was not able to cite any specific case or incident to give credence to his allegations. But, Mol’s motivations for making these allegations and running as a write-in candidate against Judge Engle have subsequently been exposed ("Judge forced to leave custody case when stepfather launches write-in candidacy against him," Sentinel Aug. 17). Nevertheless, in my experience, the defamatory statements made about Judge Engle are false.

As a family law practitioner in Ottawa County, I have had the opportunity to closely observe Kent Engle as a judge over the last six years. He has consistently shown himself to be honorable, patient, and courteous to all litigants and attorneys. I have represented both fathers and mothers in Judge Engle’s courtroom and can say, without reservation, that he treats both with respect and dignity. In custody or parenting time disputes, Judge Engle does not have a bias for or against either party. He bases his decisions solely on the evidence presented and applies the law evenhandedly. Judge Engle is a fine jurist and should be reelected to the Ottawa County Circuit Court.

R. Daniel Berchiatti