With repaving work on Eagles Nest Road completed, the Tuscarora Township Board authorized the special assessment district bonds for the project at their most recent meeting. The total in bonds for the special assessment district equal $181,000, which is under the original estimate for the project. “The termination of useful life is not less than five years,” said Township Supervisor Mike Ridley. “So we will finance it for five years. The special assessment bonds shall be issued in the amount not to exceed $181,000.” The interest rate on these bonds as they were established is 3.6 percent. Those in the special assessment district will be paying $475 for a quarter assessment if they have an unapproved property, plus a regular assessment. The residents with a back lot in the assessment district will pay $1,507. People with property along Eagles Nest Road will be paying $1,800 plus 50 cents per foot of frontage along the road. “It was under budget,” said Ridley. “And we got a bigger road.” With the resolution being passed, Treasurer Bobbi Balazovic was able to send out the mailings that allowed people to pay the bill without interest the day after the board meeting. “They're all stamped and ready to go,” said Balazovic. Also at the meeting, the township board accepted the resignation from Dick Andrew, who had been on the Board of Review for many years. “Dick Andrew has served on there for 30 years,” said Ridley. “He is resigning, but he will act as an alternate. So we are entertaining; if anybody has any interest in serving on the board of review or recommend somebody or mention somebody, have them call me.” Ridley said Andrew has been through a lot and it was just time for him to be able step aside and let someone take his position. The board voted unanimously to accept Andrew's letter of resignation and thanked him for his many years of service on the Board of Review. The board also made the decision to approve a Right of Way Telecommunications Permit under the Metro Act for Awakon Credit Union. The township needed to file the application for the permit because they are a part of the trail which runs near the new building the bank is currently constructing. The township will also be receiving royalties from this contract with Lynx Network Group.